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Wendy Sherman Associates, Inc. is the home of award-winning writers and bestselling books. With a unique perspective on the publishing process, and an invaluable blend of experience in editorial, acquisitions, sales, marketing, and contract negotiations, we offer our clients a comprehensive strategy for navigating the publishing terrain. As a full service agency, we also partner with major film and television agents in Los Angeles.

With a long-standing tradition of attracting and identifying quality material and a strong knowledge of market trends, we have proven success discovering first time authors as well as managing  the work of those with established careers. We pride ourselves on cultivating long-term relationships with clients as well as with publishers throughout the world.

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    With lots of love from Eva Longoria!

    WHAT’S IN A NAME? What’s in a name?  Now we know, thanks to Wade Rouse, in this fabulous essay in PW. http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/columns-and-blogs/soapbox/article/68855-why-writers-need-pen-names.html …