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Kara Richardson Whitely in People!

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We were so thrilled to see that Kara Richardson Whitely, author of Gorge, was featured in this week’s People. Kara’s beautiful memoir tells the story of her three climbs up Mount Kilimanjaro–at 300 pounds. As she tells People, “My success and failure as a person is not based on a number.” Kara’s journey and attitude is so inspirational and we are so excited to see it shared with so many people (…pun intended?).

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Happy Pub to GORGE!



Happy pub to Gorge, Kara Richardson Whitely’s beautiful memoir about reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, overcoming self-doubt, and finding inner strength to achieve her goals. We had such a great time at her book party last night and can’t wait to see this book on the shelves.

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The Book of Wanderings…a book to cherish*

kimberly meyer-author photoWe first met over coffee and french pastry at one of my favorite neighborhood spots in Chelsea–Maison Du Macaron–where the smell of fresh croissants is totally intoxicating – and got acquainted, sharing stories about life.  I had already read Kimberly Meyer’s beautiful essays in Ecotone and The Best American Travel Writing and now I sat in awe as she spoke about the journey she and her college-age daughter Ellie had taken to retrace the footsteps of Felix Fabri, a 15th century Dominican friar.  Their modern-day pilgrimage took them to exotic destinations infused with mystery, spirituality, and rich history – from Venice, to the Mediterranean through Greece and partitioned Cyprus, to Israel and across the Sinai Desert with Bedouin guides, to the Palestinian territories and to Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt. Some of these places I’ve traveled to, and others I hope to visit some day, but the depth of her experience had me enchanted. On the purest level it was also about searching for meaning and home and the connection we mothers all seek with our children.

book of wanderings copyAlmost three years later, we celebrate the publication of Kimberly’s luminous debut, The Book of Wanderings. The spare and gorgeous prose will immediately transport you and  the early reviews are deservedly wonderful.  This blurb from Antonya Nelson may say it best: “The Book of Wanderings is about both the intrinsically private and the universally enduring need for pilgrimage: to the sites that restore and reward, to the experience of wondering and wandering and connecting, whether with family or the whole human race. Meyer brings this insatiable urge to pursue enlightenment of the journey home to the reader. Home to the ordinary suburban American in the very chaotic 21st century. There’s no one who won’t recognize some aspect of herself in these pages. They offer insights both mystical and practical. It is a book to cherish.”

Little Brown has outdone themselves with a gorgeous package that features the most stunningly beautiful endpapers. I hope you’ll treat yourself to a copy of The Book of Wanderings.  It’s a journey and experience, I promise, you won’t soon forget.

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Happy Pub Day to The Gluten Free Revolution!

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jax lowellI met Jax Lowell 20 years ago. Her first book, The Gluten-Free Bible, was being published by Holt, where I was Executive Director. At the time, we​ honestly had no idea about Celiac disease or gluten-free diets. Jax was a true pioneer into the field–way ahead the times.  Years later, after I had become an agent, we reconnected (amen for that) and we went back to the editors at ​Holt with a vision for a revision.  ​That revision evolved into a whole new book. Today, we celebrate the publication of The Gluten-Free Revolution. It is THE book on gluten-free living, by THE author on gluten free living. Congratulations Jax Lowell! You set the bar and then upped it to new heights.


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GORGE featured in Publishers Weekly

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What a week!


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We are thrilled to see that The Barkeep by William Lashner has been nominated for an Edgar. The gala award ceremony will take place on April 29 in NYC and of course, we will be there!

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Yes, This is Happening


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New Year, New You

Last year was one of our best since launching the agency 15 years ago and 2015 is shaping up to be even more exciting! We’ve always been drawn to books that help you live your best life and we’re so proud to represent an array of today’s most inspiring writers, with new books this spring.  First, cravings whisperer Alex Jamieson shows us how to heal our relationships with food in order to have happier, healthier, sexier lives in WOMEN, FOOD, AND DESIRE (Gallery Books). You can see her on TODAY and Dr. OZ.  Then, Kara Richardson proves that there is no obstacle too great to conquer in her powerful, inspirational memoir GORGE (Seal Press). Finally, Kimberly Meyer writes about her extraordinary mother-daughter pilgrimage – an unforgettable spiritual quest in The BOOK OF WANDERINGS (Little Brown) while MEET YOUR SOUL by Elisa Romeo (Hay House) offers meditations and life-changing practices to help connect with our most sacred self. From health and wellness to inspirational memoirs–we’re thrilled to bring these books and authors into to the world. Stay tuned for more updates as WSA gears up for our biggest spring ever!

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Lights, Camera, Action!

I was recently invited to participate in a program called Writers2Writers on Princeton (NJ) Community Television. Here’s the segment, which aired earlier this month.

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The Crave Cast premieres at #1!

We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming publication of Alexandra Jamieson’s new book, “Women, Food & Desire” in January. In the meantime, she has just released ​the first in ​a series of podcasts, “The Crave Cast,” for iTunes which went to #1​.​ ​You can listen for free here on iTunes​.​ Her message is transformative.

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