Why Attend Conferences?

Giving up a weekend to travel and spend time hearing pitches and
critiquing writing samples never seemed like a good use of time, and in truth I’d rather be home on my couch reading a full manuscript of something I’m sure I can sell.

But I’m ready to revise that view after spending a lovely and productive weekend in Myrtle Beach at the South Carolina Writers Workshop. I met many new writers and was impressed with the dedication and passion the attendees brought to the conference. Publishing is a mysterious world to those on the outside (and sometimes even to those of us on the inside) and hopefully my workshops shed valuable light on the art of writing memoir and the journey of finding an agent and getting published.

A big bonus was getting to meet the other faculty members-many of whom I had never before met, and I was thrilled to spend time with the lovely and talented Therese Fowler (see photo) who, in spite of our frequent phone calls and emails I rarely get to see. I loved our sunrise run on the beach each morning and the crazy martinis (pomegranate and lime juice?) were the perfect way to finish the days.

So I guess the answer to my question here is that it’s good to get out of the New York publishing cocoon. I have several excellent projects that I scored at the conference and am very happy for the time spent with new friends.

Until the next time…