Three Minute Therapy

I buy the whole “New York minute” thing . A lot is possible in a New York minute. But leave it to writer/publishing guru Sue Shapiro to fix your life and your book in just 180 seconds. The other night I participated in her brainchild, Speed Shrinking, a themed book party in celebration of her novel of the same name. The event was held at Housing Works in the West Village and editors, agents, marriage counselors and health and wellness experts all gathered to give bite-sized therapy sessions to those  seeking advice on crafting book proposals, writing query letters, finding  love, losing weight or spicing up marriages.

Ambitious head shrinking? I should say so.

But while I was trying to help answer questions about pitch letters and how best to find an agent, our own Dr. Diana Kirshner (a real psychologist) was the star of the show, dishing out relationship advice based on her revolutionary books Love in 90 Days and Sealing the Deal.

The event was a rousing success and, while there were no couches or Rorschach inkblots in the vicinity, I hope there were at least at few breakthroughs…