The New Faces of Publishing

One of my favorite things about our business is the people I get to work with.   Smart, interesting, creative and dedicated to the same things I care about, namely excellent writers and books that inspire and excite me.  After many years in publishing  –  both as a publisher and as an agent – it is easy to get comfortable within a familiar group of editors whose taste I know and whose lives I’ve  shared through various jobs, relationships, marriages, children, etc.

But it’s really important to reach beyond that inner familiar circle and get to  know a new generation of editors who are filled with fresh perspectives, and with the kind of excitement that only comes from being young, fearless and hungry to buy.   I’m thrilled to have met many of these young (ish) editors over the past several months.  It has allowed me to see the business in a whole new light and feel their fresh sense of ‘any thing is possible’ even when the day-to day can feel all too familiar.  These editors represent the future of our business and I’m happy to say that from where I sit the future feels ever bright and hopeful.