A Book That Was Meant to Be

Several years ago I read an early draft of a novel about an immigrant  family from Iran, living in New York.  I decided not to represent it at that time ( and apparently wrote a very nice rejection letter) , but every now and then I would think about the story and the characters – a mother and daughter struggling to find a balance between their lives in America and their roots in Iran.  I love mother-daughter stories and this particular story really stayed with me!   Recently, an editor friend told me about a novel that was read in a session at Breadloaf.  I immediately recognized the story and the title.  It was the same novel!  In one more twist of small-world-fate, another editor friend who does freelance editing told me about a wonderful young writer she was working with and asked if I might be interested in reading the novel.  I welcomed the opportunity to read Together Tea by Marjan Kamali again, now very much developed and revised, and voila!   I was smitten.  This time, the novel was polished and ready to go and I’m thrilled to say I sold it to the amazing editor of ECCO/Harper Collins Lee Boudreaux and we have quickly sold rights in several international markets as well.   This is truly a book that was meant to be.  -WS