It All Begins With A Fabulous Query Letter

It all begins with a fabulous query letter!

Rita Leganski’s debut novel The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow came to us through the “slush pile.” She grabbed us right from her query letter. Now, the book is soon-to-be published by HarperCollins! Already receiving great reviews on Goodreads, and a starred review in the Library Journal- comparing her to Alice Hoffman- Rita is proof that if your manuscript has what we’re looking for, and the query grabs our attention, you too could be headed for publication!

Starred Library Journal review: “When Bonaventure Arrow was born, he came into the world with nary a whimper or cry. Five years later he’s still speechless, but this child communicates better without a voice than most speaking people ever do. Instead of talking, Bonaventure listens and hears things others will never experience: the joy of possibility in the white of a cloud, the music of earthbound time in a glorious sunset, the whisper of growth in a blade of grass. And the most comforting sound of all, the voice of the father he never knew, murdered while Bonaventure was still in the womb. One day, Bonaventure’s symphonious world is invaded by a new phantom, a discordant voice whispering secrets that could destroy his family. VERDICT Suffused with the mystical charm of New Orleans and the Louisiana bayou, Leganski’s lyrical debut novel conjures dreams of voodoo, the power of healing, and the distinction between hearing and listening. This extraordinary, evocative novel will cast a spell over fans of magical realism in the vein of Alice Hoffman, Kaye Gibbons, and Sarah Addison Allen. Simply enchanting.” —Jeanne Bogino, New Lebanon Lib., NY

There are many more fantastic reviews on Goodreads, so check it out and stay tuned for more exciting news about The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow by Rita Leganski.

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