You Never Know

When I first started at the agency, fresh from the The New School MFA Creative Writing program, I imagined I would mostly represent literary fiction and creative nonfiction. I was reading Russian literature, Norman Mailer, and Joan Didion. Light stuff.

But, as I started building my list, these particular kinds of projects started finding their way to me. My old magazine pals were recommending fashion editors, home décor experts, food bloggers and travel journalists writing memoirs.

And this stuff was fun. Four-color illustrated books are entirely different animals in the publishing world, often requiring a team that resembles a move-set crew to produce. But I kept having huge success with fashion books like The Wow Factor by Jacqui Stafford (Gotham), decorating books like Sage Living by Anne Sage (Chronicle Books) and just this week I sold Bright Lights Paris by Angie Niles, a guide to living, dining and shopping like a Parisian to one of the most wonderful editors in the business, Denise Silvestro, at Berkley Books. I was delighted and I couldn’t be more excited to turn those delicious pages filled with bright photos.

Of course literary fiction is my first love, but you never know what books might end up picking you. I realized I also enjoyed helping these books that made everyday things like getting dressed, picking out a couch and eating dinner just a bit brighter and glossier find their way into the world.

So bring on the next one….